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Lookout premium

Protection Right
At Your Fingertips

Lookout® Premium Plus is an all-in-one app that protects your device, data and identity.

A better sense of security

End-to-end protection for your data and devices

Secure Downloads

Browse with confidence. Lookout stops malware and viruses with automatic app scanning, security updates, and web protection.

Locate your devices

Don't fret over a lost or stolen device. will find it, sound an alarm, and even take a picture of anyone who tries to use it.

Back up your data

Safely store your personal information. Lookout backs up contacts and photos, then provides access to them at any time.


Theft alerts

Reduce your risk. Get an email alert that includes a photo of the thief and the location of your device.

Breach reports

Stay aware of possible threats. If a data breach occurs at any company or service where you shop, you'll get notified.

Identity protection

Fight back against identity theft. Get full identity restoration and insurance coverage up to $1 million* to help your recover from losses due to identity theft.


*Insurance coverage is provided by a third-party and is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance policy available at Lookout is not a licensed insurer or insurance agent.

Get defensive with your devices

At any tier, Lookout mobile security provides the best features at the best price!

Premium Plus
Anti-Virus / Malware Protection check icon check icon check icon
Remote Locate/Scream check icon check icon check icon
Signal Flare check icon check icon check icon
Multiple Device Protection check icon check icon check icon
Safe Browsing   check icon check icon
Content Backup   check icon check icon
Breach Report   check icon check icon
Privacy Advisor   check icon check icon
Remote Lock & Wipe   check icon check icon
Theft Alerts   check icon check icon
$1M Identity Theft Protection     check icon
ID Restoration Assistance     check icon
Social Network Reputation Monitor     check icon
Financial Network Monitoring     check icon
SSN Monitoring     check icon
Username & Password Monitoring     check icon
Lost Wallet Restoration     check icon
Internet Surveillance     check icon

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Lookout Premium Security

Subscribe now and get first 15 days FREE*, then $2.99/mo.


Lookout Premium Plus Security

Subscribe now and get first month FREE*, then $9.99/mo.

*Free trial not available to prior Lookout user

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